Better Money habits

Bank of America teamed up with Khan Academy to bring you:
There are some in-depth videos about understanding personal money.
I haven’t watched the site recently so no doubt there are some new interesting posts and the animations are great.

As you’re collecting your data for your tax return filing, you can easily calculate how much your current lifestyle costs as a percentage of your net pay. Carefully watching your credit is most likely one of the

best things to improve your money habits in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Khan Academy


You should visit Khan Academy:

This one is very interesting, have you ever experienced an earthquake? There are few on the East Coast of the USA and once every two years you might feel a tremor. For example the one that damaged the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral was also felt in New Jersey but only if you were in a building most likely and had no distractions.


In other regions earthquakes are much more likely and yet that doesn’t reduce the panic and surprise that they induce when they strike, so be prepared.


I’m a corporate IT nerd who is interested in all the typical corporate authentication and security software. For Microsoft that’s Active Directory, for Linux it’s currently Quest Active Server 6.5¬†

For Solaris you can use RBAC role-based profile management.

why not read this article:

If you’re using role-based identity in Solaris it is much better.

For Windows, try this class: